About Us

Outdoor Education ExperiencesPeak Performance Solutions Ltd. is a small New Zealand based company that specialises working with New Zealand youth and particularly the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award training and expeditions. We ensure that you as students receive all the necessary information and practical knowledge to make your outdoor experiences ones that you will enjoy and continue to build upon.

We are also involved in team building activities and workshops that promote positive interactions between participants and allow you to appreciate each others differences to promote a healthier work environment.

Programme development is one of our core strengths and curriculaum development. We have written the standards for D of E International Award Adventurous Journey training which have been endorsed by the National Office and are used by Mountain Safety Council New Zealand to ensure a solid framework across all areas of our country. These frameworks are also being adapted for our international neighbours of the DoE Award and demonstrates the quality of what we can deliver.


Peak Performance Solutions was developed through the need to standardise outdoor practices and delivery within New Zealand and has focused primarily on the DoE International Award in doing this. We were set up in 2004 and have expanded greatly during this time. We now cater for schools from Wellington to the far North and have educated over 12 000 students during this time as well as groups from the United Kingdom.

Industry organisations have seen the benefits of a company such as ours and we are often consulted for advice, practicing procedures, assessment tools and standardisation of outdoor education procedures and risk management. Commercial operations have also sought after our services in training their employees, delivering workshops and ensuring their safety when embarking on outdoor environments.