This page gives you a chance to read some of our feedback from the students themselves, parents and the schools involved.

The students:

Hey Dingo and Lisa,
We just want to say thank you so much for all that you guys have done for our practice tramp. It was definitely a fabulous learning experience. I mean, you can say they have tramped straight for 17 hours right. lol well thanks again and we can't wait till our final tramp. It should be a blast!!!!

love from your EGGS girls


Hey Mark,
Sorry for the late email it was crazy and so busy before I left anyway I’ve found sometime at the Singapore airport waiting for my flight and it’s like 4am. Anyway this is an email I wanted to send you as in how DOE helped me, anyway here goes....

  1. Self confidence. Ie. when I was a young girl I was very shy and really hated talking in public and it was a little bit hard for me to move around with people and talk to them but DoE has helped me open up and have the self confidence to talk to people and relate to them in different ways.
  2. Adapt to different people, be able to recognise different people’s views and culture and being able to understand them better hence allowing me to know that person well and to relate to them.
  3. Teamwork. being able to work as a team, respecting each other, helping each other, being a team and pulling through together.
  4. Just really finding out what I like, ie. tramping is it something I really like. Everytime I go on a tramp I just can’t wait to do my next tramp, the whole idea of tramping and seeing the word has really told me that there is soooooo much more to life that just the city. In the city you just get small pleasures ie. shopping, clubbing (not that I do it ;) ), movies. but there is just sooo much to life and tramping and DOE has opened up a lot of things for me different ways how I could reach out to the world and for the people who are in need or baby elephant, hehehehe. I’m helping out in a baby elephant farm in Sri Lanka and I will defiantly come back and do it again just to help out and DOE has given me a reason to experience it the first time and allowed me to choose if I want to do it again.

Well anyway I better go my flight is soon so yah. Anyway thanks again for taking us on the tramp, it was great. hope you have a lovely and safe summer.



The parents:

This is Kate’s Mum,
just e mailing to say a big "Thank you". Rod and I were a little worried as the weather here in Auckland has been awful. Heavy rain and wind gusts at night. We wondered what the weather was like for you in the Kaimai Range. It seems not too bad, surprisingly. We thought Kate would be exhausted when she got home but that is certainly not the case. A little tired and she will get to bed early. She has had a wonderful expedition thanks to you. It will be a long day for you. I hope the journey home is not too tiring. Do have a good week.




Hi Mark and the Team,
Zane had a great weekend he found it really informative and interesting to say the least.


Hi Mark and Co,
Thanks for the info and the time taken chatting on the phone. I'm filling out the forms tonight and will catch tomorrows post. Please send me the forms for the silver and gold training camps as my son will do these as well.

Could we slot him in to any of the practice camps that are coming up?

Again thanks we now have a much better understanding of how things work and what needs to be done.



Lisa & Dingo

All my girls have benefitted from the experience and I want to once again thank you for your patience, giudance and expertise. The Gold Expedition has given both my girls a better understanding of themselves and has equipped them with the realisation that they are in control and they both feel they can now accomplish any tasks given to them. The expedition was a real character building experience.



The Schools:

The manuals have arrived today and I have to say that I am now totally impressed.  They are superb and have far exceeded our expectations. 
Thanks heaps