Peak Performance FAQsQ. Do Practice Journeys have to be the same length as the Expeditions?

A. No. The focus on Practice Journeys is not about distance, but to explore and critique what you have learnt from training in readiness for your Expedition.

Q. Why do I need a pack on training camps?

A. Packs are used during training to give the students an idea of how a pack feels while Hiking, correct pack fitting techniques & packing of packs.

Q. As a direct entrant, what are my requirements for training?

A. You need to undergo training for the levels you have missed, so if you are a Gold direct entrant you need to undertake Bronze & Silver training as well as the Gold.

Q. How big does my pack need to be for the journeys?

A. No less than 65 litres or bigger than 85 litres. 65 litres is an ideal size for females

Q. Can I share equipment?

A. Yes you can as this helps to reduce your pack weight as well as having to manage and distribute equipment between group members.

Q. What food should I be taking duing training?

A. Food that is similar to which you would take Hikingie. pasta, tuna, crackers, muesli or cereal bars, porridge.

Q. Do I have any limitations on where I can complete my practice or qualifying journeys?

A. No there are no limitations on where you can complete journeys, as long as all the DoE Award requirements are met. There are special requirements for those completing overseas journeys