Bronze Award

D of E Hillary Bronze Award

Welcome to the beginning of a fantastic venture. The Bronze level of the Award sets the foundations for the upcoming levels and allows you to develop an awareness of the outdoors and undertake ventures into a wilderness environment that is not too challenging for the majority of fitness levels. You need to attend a training camp as the first step in the Adventurous Journey section and then proceed onto a practice journey and finally an assessed overnight tramp covering a distance of approximately 20km.



Each level of the Award has 14 topics that need to be covered, these are:

  • Environmental Care Code
  • Leadership
  • Trip Planning
  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • Stoves & Fuels
  • Food
  • Campcraft
  • Map Reading
  • Compass use
  • Route Finding
  • Water Safety
  • Survival & loss of route
  • Outdoor First Aid


Practice Journey

This is basically as the name describes and opportunity to plan, undertake and learn from a non-arduous expedition whilst under shadow-supervision. Identified knowledge and skill gaps can be subsequently addressed in further training or changed processes before the final expedition. Training needs to have been done prior to undertaking a practice journey, and the mode of transportation, (tramp, cycle, kayak etc) needs to be the same as that planned for the assessed expedition.



An expedition is an assessed venture that is in the same mode of transport to that done for the practice journey. Group members should be of similar age and level of experience, and in groups of 4 to 7. At Bronze level the requirements are 2 days and 1 night with at least 6 hours of activity during the day.

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